e frontier Announces Amapi Pro 7.51 Release
Rapid Prototyping and Design Software Provides NURBS Modeling Tools to Product Designers and 3D Modelers
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Scotts Valley, August 14, 2006 --e frontier today announced the release of Amapi Pro 7.51 through its direct on-line stores at www.e-frontier.com and its online partner sites. Amapi Pro 7.51 provides product designers and 3D modelers a NURBS-based environment for conception and creation of highly refined 3D models. Amapi Pro is flexible and fast, and offers all the advanced design tools to accurately construct, 3d models and assemble complex 3D models. Amapi Pro, originally developed by Eovia, was acquired in July 06’ by e frontier. The software, available in English and French for Windows and Macintosh, has a dedicated user base among product and industrial designers in both France and in North America.

About Amapi Pro 7.51

  • Modeling using NURBS: Amapi Pro’s NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines) modeling allows designers to create and edit complex surfaces and volumes in a unique user interface widely recognized in the industry.
  • Explore design alternatives: The Dynamic Geometry palette allows you to navigate inside complex objects made up of several levels, or earlier design stages can be revisited for design alternatives.

  • Full CAD compatibility: Amapi Pro handles IGES, SAT, STEP, openNURBS, VDAFS, STL and DWG file formats which communicate seamlessly with 2D and 3D CAD systems for integration into the manufacturing process. Amapi Pro provides the link between the designer's initial idea and the reality of the final project.

  • Perfect prototypes the first time around: Amapi generates watertight STL files, so you can quickly create plastic models of your design for rapid prototyping, facilitating the tooling process. Once your design is complete, you can build your prototype.

  • Convert polygons into NURBS: Powerful feature allows the conversion of polygonal models into NURBS models. A major benefit in reverse engineering projects where 3D scans are created and saved as polygonal 3d models.

  • Amapi Pro is most often used for product, packaging, jewelry design, furniture design, rapid prototyping and with many other design applications. “Amapi Pro adds a great new modeling tool to the expanding line of design software by e frontier,” said Laslo Vespremi, e frontier’s Director of Strategic Marketing. Vespremi continues, “Amapi Pro compliments e frontiers’ other design tool Shade, which is used for interior and architectural design. We are committed to further Amapi Pro development and support, and to integrating Amapi Pro’s technology into our product line for our users and product designers worldwide.”

    Introductory Pricing, Availability and Service Release:

    e frontier is offering Amapi Pro 7.51 for a special introductory price of $749.99 via download from e frontier’s web site at www.e-frontier.com/amapi, through select online partners and Computers Unlimited (CU) in France, Computers Unlimited, UK and Softline in the UK. Upgrade pricing from any previous version of Amapi Pro, French or English language, is also available for $249.99. Amapi Pro 7.51 will be bundled with e frontier’s “Shade 8.0 standard” software to add Shade’s improved rendering capability, an additional $199.99 value. This introductory bundle offer is a saving of $250 from Amapi Pro’s previous retail price of $799.99, and will be available until November 31, 2006. Service release Amapi Pro 7.5.2, is scheduled for September 2006, and will be offered free to all registered users of Amapi 7.5.

    About e frontier America, Inc.

    e frontier, Inc., and its subsidiary companies publish and distribute computer graphics software for digital artists and hobbyists worldwide, including Poser, Shade, Amapi Pro, Manga Studio and MotionArtist, and produce quality computer graphic content and software-related books and magazines. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

    For more information, go to www.e-frontier.com.

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