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Digital Artist Marco Rolandi
Making of Italian Creek- using 3d Studio Max

MAIN STORY - Character Artist Patrick Beaulieu

We have featured many photoshop brushes time to time, but today we going to feature a whole list of Free Photoshop brushes - the "crème de la crème" of photoshop!!

mbFeatherTools is a production proven plugin for Autodesk Softimage (formerly SoftimageXSI) which features styling,!!

CGIndia bring you quite Useful and Free tutorial about how to create Digital Matte Painting using Adobe!!

CGIndia bring you quite Useful and Free tutorial for 3ds MAX + V-Ray Users. These various free and Very detailed V-Ray tutorials are created by Orkut!!

Pixologic Inc., today announced the release of its latest plugin UV Master for ZBrush Windows and ZBrush Mac OSX. UV Master is a powerful…link!!



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    CGIndia Interviewed Kevin Mannens; technical director on major flicks such as; G-Force, Alice in Wonderland, 10,000BC and The Chronicles of Narnia: prince Caspian etc. Kevin talks about his work, TD-College and also give some tips for.....Link!!

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  • Design Against Fur
  • Focus On Character Artist and Animator Patrick Beaulieu , an Interview with CGIndia. Patrick says; Working with fur is really easy, there’s a lot of plugin doing furs or feather... the complicated part is to use it correctly. Creating a great ambiance, lighting and realistic fur with 3D software is a big task. I put 20 % of my time working on the fur, orientation, style, size, length etc…And 80% working on my lighting and colors. To give a good feeling to your image, I really like to use backlight to add an edge light around the character, its help to read!!